A Message from Pastor Kristine

The speed of light is the story of Epiphany.  The light of the star leads people far and near to worship the newborn ruler of the world.  In the story of the magi following the star until it rested “over the place where the child was” (Matthew 2:9), we find wisemen seeking to worship the newborn king.  This Epiphany story reminds all of God’s people to hold the light of the world high so that all people may be drawn to its revealing light.

During the eight weeks of Epiphany we will focus on Christ and how he transforms our lives.    All of the joy, struggle and complexity of Christian life can be found in the stories we will read together each weekend of Epiphany.

Praise and lament, light and darkness, life and death are all places where we walk humbly with God.  Epiphany promises that even in the most intense darkness, the light will shine because God is with us in each and every circumstance of our lives.

Join us this Epiphany season as we walk in Christ’s light.
































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