A Message from Interim Pastor, Bob Friese

Thanks for the warm welcome as your interim pastor. There is so much “good stuff” going on around here, and it’s been a joy to see things come alive as Summer ends and our education programs kick into high gear. Rally Sunday (9/10/17) was terrifically upbeat and fun; thanks to all involved with that event. And it’s nice to have the choir back as well. Their ministry adds so much to our worship.

 My work with the leadership of PLC is moving the call process forward as quickly as possible. We’re receiving solid support and guidance from our synod office, too.

 I will admit that the call process can seem like a lot of “hurry up and wait” but there are many steps that must play out to insure a healthy outcome. We are truly called upon to wait upon the work of the Holy Spirit as PLC and the candidates work through this process.

As we proceed, please remember this quote that I just stumbled upon: Don’t let people pull you into their storms. Pull them into your peace. Or to flesh it out a little, pull them into the joy, love, and grace of Peace Lutheran Church. Where is this joy, love, and grace? Christ planted it into the heart of every member. Working together for the sake of the Kingdom, God will do great things for and through us.



Pastor Bob



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