I remember as a kid dreading Lent.  Six long dreary weeks of singing sad songs and going to church twice a week.  Good grief!  It is not surprising, really, when we consider the cultural images and the most common question of the season…..what are you giving up for Lent?

 Yet there is something counterintuitive about this attitude at a time when, in our northern hemisphere climate, the days are getting longer and the buds will be appearing on trees before we know it.  Why are we so serious about this season?

 Actually, the word Lent comes from an Old English word for spring.  It may help us to remember that the purpose of Lent is to repent, or to put it another way, to renew our lives.  It makes some sense then that Lent, or spring, is a time of renewal.  Especially when we view it through the eyes of our baptismal identities, individually as well as a community.

 Singing sad songs then is neither here nor there, but repentance, turning around and starting anew gives the longer days and the greening grass a deeper meaning. 

 This Lent we have the opportunity to enter into a time of repentance and renewal.  Our mid-week Lenten offerings will introduce us to the spiritual  disciplines of scripture, prayer and song.  We will explore the rich Lutheran liturgical heritage we have inherited. 

 The season of Lent need not be dreary nor sad.  Leave the winter behind and enter into the spring of  renewal.  Lent is here…..let spring begin!

                                                                                                                                                         Pastor Kristine








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Ash Wednesday - 6 p.m.
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