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 A Message from Pastor Bob:


To what are you addicted?

 That may appear to be a strange question. Your reaction might have been, “I’m fine! I’m in control. I’m not addicted to anything!” And I would accept your response. I mention this because I went to a workshop on opioid addiction last week, and I learned some fascinating things.

 (ONE) People with addictions do NOT have poor morals or inadequate will-power. To have an addition is to have a disease. To have an addiction is to be human. That’s it.

 (TWO) While we talked a lot about opioid addiction at this event, we also spoke of how the U.S. is often considered the most addicted population on earth. Surprisingly, addictions to cell phones, television, video games, fast food, shopping (online and in brick-and-mortar stores) are causing great harm to our population – not as severe as addictions to opioids and other drugs – but great harm.

 (THREE) Our presenter claimed that our addictions reveal that we believe that we aren’t enough. We need to add something – a video game, a new item of clothing, a new TV show to binge-watch – because we believe that we are not enough as we are. This is, he believes, is especially true of body piercings and tattoos. We think, “I’m not enough as I am, so an earring in my nose or a design inked into my skin will help!”

 These points resonated with me as I thought about the season of Lent. During Lent, as we prepare to once again celebrate Easter, we are encouraged to reflect on what Christ did for us, to reimage the suffering and pain he endured to offer us eternal life. I reject the concept that Lent asks us to wallow is shame and guilt to prove that we are worthy of Christ’s love. But I do believe that the season of Lent compels us to recall that, when we embrace Christ’s sacrificial, unconditional love, our Savior’s message is “You are enough.”

 While our addictions in and of themselves are not evil, nor are we evil for having them, they do pull us from our God. Our reliance on anything other than Christ leaves Jesus on the side of the roads we journey. Many Americans visit a church once a week, but don’t follow Jesus. Instead of God-shaped lives, our lives are shaped by our habits, addictions, and chosen distractions.

 Remember, Jesus chose death so he could open the gates of Heaven for us, and says, “You are enough.” So, let us gather for worship during this Season of Lent – on Sundays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays – and follow Christ to the cross and the tomb. Let us hear him say, clearly and constantly, “As you are, you are enough. You’re a Child of God.” And may we say to him in response, “You are all I need, Lord. You are enough for me, now and forever.”



 Pastor Bob Friese




















































































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