Members of Peace Lutheran,


It is with joy that the Peace Lutheran Council is recommending the hiring of Kelly Jensen, as a Diaconal Minister in the area of Faith Formation.  Through listening sessions held in the fall of last year and multiple conversations over the past nine months, the council is recommending Kelly be hired for a 30 hour per week, part time rostered leader position. 


There will be a special meeting of the congregation on Sunday, May 22, 2016 following worship to take a congregational vote on calling Kelly to this position.  Your attendance is encouraged at the meeting in order to support this important ministry of the congregation, as we will need a quorum of 50 members to act on this staff hiring.


As a Diaconal Minister for Faith Formation, Kelly will provide leadership to strengthen the area of faith formation for all ages and to further develop our mission of preaching, teaching and living God’s word.  The position emphasis will be on intergenerational faith formation, cradle to grave.  This will include the areas of education planning for confirmation, youth and adult spiritual formation, with oversight for pre-school through 5th grade children. 


Diaconal Ministers are called to lead and equip the baptized for ministry and to build community.  As a Diaconal Minister, called to Word and Service, Kelly will network with the community and with other congregations to develop and share a mutual resource base of faith formation expertise. 


Having had the opportunity to get to know Kelly these past nine months, we are delighted to recommend her to this position. 











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