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Pastor’s Message


The Psalms speak to us in every aspect of life.  Whenever I am looking for a comforting word of hope, I turn to the Psalms.  Whenever I am feeling down, I turn to the Psalms.  Whenever life seems hopeless, or shadows lengthen, or friends desert, I turn to the Psalms.  Whenever I want to sing to the Lord a new song, I turn to the Psalms.


Though the psalms are ancient, many attributed to David, the shepherd boy, poet, musician, turned king, they are timeless.  The psalms honestly and openly express doubts and perplexities, hopes and joys, outward cries and inward devotion.  At the same time the Psalms lay claim to God’s promises.  They demonstrate faith in a world turned upside down and inside out, promising God can be counted on to hear our pleas. 


This summer as you look for a good book to read….I highly recommend you check out the psalms.  There is something there for everyone, for every time and place, in dark, in light, in joy and sorrow, the psalms offer a refreshing word of hope.




Jesus was born, and Jesus died.  Jesus was raised, and Jesus ascended.  These moments in Christ’s life take up so much of our time and attention the first half of the church year that summer becomes a blessed space to attend to Christ’s life and teaching.  That’s what we do these summer months, continuing into the fall.  We spend time with the life and teaching of Jesus.

We will hear stories of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  Beginning with the Great Commission, Jesus tells his disciples, and us, to go and baptize.  This command is what sends us out into the world every weekend when we are dismissed with the words…..  “Go in peace.  Serve the Lord”.  The appropriate response is “Thanks be to God!”

We will also hear stories of healing including the Canaanite woman’s daughter.  Jesus will teach the great crowds following him throughout Galilee with stories called parables.  Our summer worship will include a healing prayer station during communion distribution when the gospel stories include Jesus’ healing power.

For part of the summer worship services will include portions of the liturigical setting by Ray Makeever which Peace members call the “fourth setting.”  We will also include a variety of hymns familiar and new.  We would like to invite your input on what hymns you haven’t sung in awhile, a favorite or a new hymn you would like to sing again.  This is your opportunity to pick a hymn, tell us why you love it and over the summer we will include your request in a worship service.  You may submit your request to  Please include the following:  your name, the title of your favorite hymn, and why you love this hymn.  We look forward to your input in our worship life.












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 June 8 (Thursday)          9 a.m. Our Savior's Lutheran in Menomonie Wmen's Bible Study and Brunch

June 17 and 18  New Membership Weekend

June 22nd (Thursday)   - Launch at 6 p.m.  -  Fleet of Faithfull Followers boat ride at Lamb's Creek Park (Across from Jake's Supper Club) 


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