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A Message From Pastor Bob Friese


Now you’ve done it. You voted on Sunday, September 23 to extend a call to me, asking me to serve as your permanent, called pastor. Among the 121 who voted, 94% voted yes. And you wonder why I love you guys! Truth is, that after a few months of serving as your interim pastor, I didn’t want “a job at Peace Lutheran.” I discovered something better than that. I learned that I wanted to be called to serve along WITH the people of PLC, and WITH your amazing gifts and ministries. God’s Spirit has been active here at PLC for a long time, and I wanted in on that.

 There’s a big difference between a job and a call. A job can be fun and rewarding, and you can love your job. But a call is more than that. Someone wrote, “A calling chooses you, and grabs you by the collar and takes you for the ride of your life.” So, now I get to join you as God takes us – the people of PLC – on the ride of our lives with new ministries, new staff members, members stepping up to new responsibilities. But all of this “newness” is cradled in the traditions and history of a wonderful church family. I think that’s exciting, and I get to go along for the ride! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve enjoyed my year as your interim pastor, and I am overwhelmed knowing that as of October 1, I will be your permanent, called pastor.

 I must point out that the effort that’s been put forth over the last 12 months has been momentous. Both the Transition Team (Jan Harvey, Dave Natzke, Todd Swartz, and Sarah Holcomb) and the Call Committee (Brian Seguin, Kathy Forster, Nila Natzke, Mike Dusso, Cory Steinmeyer, Jeannine Peterson, Wanda Schwoch) put in untold hours to complete their specific tasks.

 They held many meetings, and those meetings often went on for hours. Their commitment to Peace Lutheran was exemplary, and should be lauded. Our church council was also involved in the call process, and rose to the occasion each time their help was needed. And my daily work with church secretary Kate Donicht and custodian Nancy Wold is always a joy!

 Now let’s get going! The Spirit is alive in our worship, our education ministries, our music ministries, our leadership, our committees and other groups. The Spirit is alive in us all, and as we seek divine wisdom and courage, we will be led even more deeply into the great joy of being Christ to one another and Christ to our community. Please continue to pray for Peace  Lutheran Church. Prayer is one of our greatest guides and resources, because as Martin Luther said, “Prayer is climbing up into the heart of God.

 So I repeat, let’s get going! We’re in this together, and the joy of the Lord is our strength!


With gratitude,

Pastor Bob Friese












































































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