Pastor’s Newsletter Article for May, 2019 + Pastor Bob Friese

 Easter Every Day…no, really!

 It’s easy to find songs, books, and movies with themes like I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas or What If Christmas Lasted All Year Long. But have you ever heard of songs, books, or made-for-TV movies plugging the idea of celebrating Easter all year long? Not so much!

 I believe this is because Christmas is about new life (many people never learn or willfully ignore how Jesus’ life was in danger from the moment he was born!) and Easter requires us to explore new life and death. Bible stories about Lent and Easter lead us into discussions of new life AND evil, denial, betrayal, and human depravity…and who wants that all year long, right?


My point is this: If we label ourselves as “Christmas People,” we can lose the Gospel in the clutter of sentimentality and consumerism. But if we strive to live as “Easter People” we acknowledge life AND death, and choices AND consequences. We acknowledge our sinfulness/need for a Savior AND the arrival of that Savior in Jesus Christ. And as Easter People we center our lives in the Gospel – The Good News, The Truth that sin and death are conquered by Jesus, The Reality of living with hope and expectation that this world cannot offer.      


Author James B. Hofrenning asserts the Gospel can inform and transform our daily lives. He claims that Easter People – those made new in the resurrected Christ – try to discern the will of God and make wise, moral decisions in a Good Friday world, a world that experiences the presence of sin and evil. Easter People strive to think more carefully about their life and decisions as they seek to know and do the will of God.1

 As Christians, we are encouraged to perceive every Sunday as a “little Easter.” In our weekly Scripture readings, we acknowledge the struggles of living a godly life and are reminded of God’s goodness. In receiving Holy Communion every Sunday, we recall that Jesus went from being nailed to a cross to wearing the heavenly crown of grace, mercy, and love. Easter is not a one-day-a-year event; every Sunday we confirm that we are Easter People all year long.

 Easter is over. But may The Holy Spirit of the Living God help us daily to welcome Christmas AND Easter. Despair AND hope. Death AND new life. This is how we follow Jesus, and how we love God, love others, and serve the world.

 Dear Friends in Christ, have a blessed and safe summer.



Pastor Bob


1 Easter People in A Good Friday World: Making Wise Moral Decisions by James B. Hofrenning; Lutheran University Press.























































































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