We know the drill.  Advent begins our time of waiting.  We want to jump into singing Christmas carols right now like the department stores do but the lessons assigned to these days before Christmas talk about waiting.  In mystery, we wait.  But wait for what?

We wait for the gift of Jesus, the Son of God, who came into the world.  At the heart of our waiting is gift giving.  As gift givers ourselves we puzzle over what to give to those special someones who are important to us.  We want to find just the right gift to give.  We want the gift receiver to appreciate the effort we have gone to in finding the perfect gift.  We spend time and money, effort and expense in wrapping this gift just so. 

Our gift giving is an extension of the gift given to us.  As each gift giver seeks to repeat and to extend the gift that started it all.   God’s gift of Christ to the world.  Christ is the gift, first as a baby resting in his mother’s arms, and then as the crucified one, whose arms extended out, in love, upon a cross.  Each gift we give extends God’s love.  Each gift we give is a remembrance, a token symbol, of what that person means to us.  Every gift under your tree, every Christmas wish for love and peace, good will and glad tidings extends this gift of love.

As you wait, prepare and look forward to giving gifts this Christmas season, remember the gift God has given us and extend the love of God’s gift to family, friends, and those who are less fortunate.

Blessings on your preparation to receive Christ this season. 




Pastor Kristine













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